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Villa Rivera Wave Resort – Montalban, Rizal

Villa Rivera’s main feature is the wave ball which is the newest pool technology recently. The wave ball can simulate 100 percent non-stop ocean waves and create different patterns of waves.

The resort is open 24/7.

Operating Hours

Mondays through Thursdays
> Day Swim – 8am-5pm
> Night Swim – 7pm-12mn (require reservation)
> Overnight Swim – 7pm-6am (require reservation)

Fridays through Saturdays
> Open all day

ENTRANCE FEE (As of July 1, 2015)

Daytime Swim : 8am – 5pm
Child (4ft and below) – P100.00; adult – P150.00
Nighttime Swim : 7pm – 12 midnight
Child (4ft and below) – P150.00; adult – P180.00
Overnight Swim ; 7pm – 6am
Child (4ft and below) – P180.00; adult – P200.00


As of July 1, 2015 Villa Rivera offer their cottages and table starting at Php 250.00. They have rooms fitted with air-condition and TV which can accommodate up to 4 persons. Room rates range from Php 1,200 (day or night swim) up to Php 1,500 (overnight swim).

For any special occasion, the resort has a function hall which you can rent from Php 8,000 to Php 9,000.

For More Information:
Address: Libis St., San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal, Philippines
Phone: 463-8348 / 477-7563
Mobile: (925) 365-3264 / (0949) 634-3949
Website: Visit Here

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