Vicky Boy Resort – Montalban, Rizal

Ideal for private swimming rental, Vicky Boy Resort can be rented for just about P6,500 (as of April 2012) for an 8am-5pm day swimming. That comes with a free use of the karaoke.

The resort has 3 pools:
1. Adult Pool
2. Kiddie Pool
3. Jacuzzi

Guests can bring their own food but there is a small fee for use of electrical equipments like rice cooker, etc.

Contact Details
Address: Dao St., San Jose, Montalban, Rizal.
Telephone: (632) 941-4642
Mobile: +63921-2334669

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  1. Chris

    Hi sir Paulo! Good day! Are you also the administrator for Vicky Boy Resort’s Facebook page? I left a message there just a while ago. Thanks.

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