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The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort – Tanay, Rizal

Soothing breeze and the lush beauty of the highlands… this is what The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort offers to its guests.

Aside from swimming, you can also do camping, and picnic (bring own tent) at the resort. They also have firing range (bring own ammo and firearm) for gun enthusiasts.

For seminars, retreat, conferences, or weddings, you can use the resort’s:
1. Sierra Madre Hall (300pax capacity)
2. Bulusan Hall (150pax capacity)
3. Spring Valley Hall (25-30pax capaxity)
4. Garden Wedding (gazebo area; outdoors)
5. Clubhouse 1 or 2 (overlooking open areas)
6. Azotea (rooftop: 50-70pax)

How To Get There?
From Cogeo market, take Sampaloc-Tanay jeepney. Just inform the driver to drop you off Sierra Madre Resort.

For More Information:
Address: Km 58 Marcos Hi-Way, Bgy. Mayagay, Tanay, Rizal
Telephone: 9132001, 6974321
Mobile: +639087208234
Email: thesierramadre@hotmail.com
Website: Visit Here

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