LeBlanc Exclusive Luxury Resort – Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo City

Located amongst the mountains of Antipolo, LeBlanc is an exclusive luxury resort. It is a high end venue for those seeking the quick refuge.

The resort accepts reservations for parties, weddings, events, corporate trainings, and vacationers.

Resort features:
•30 minutes from Metro Manila
•Pristine White Structures
•Plush Gardens
•Full Service Maids
•Swimming Pool
•Indoor Basketball Court
•Pool table
•Ikebana inspired garden
•Home Theater Area
•Wifi throughout the resort
•Full Service Bar

For More Information:
Address: L. Sumulong Circle, Antipolo City, Philippines.
Telephone: (02) 234-9769
Email: francis@leblanc.com.ph
Website: Visit Here

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