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FSS Place Resort – Quezon City

Located in the small subdivision of Tierra Evelina in Quezon City, FSS Place Resort is a private pool owned by Dr. Francisca Santos who opened the pool site for public events.

FSS Place Resort is an ideal location for your pool party, wedding party, children’s birthday, etc. It’s a great place to be with friends and family.

Some of its features includes:

1. Swimming Pool with modern fiberglass water slide
2. Day and Night Swimming
3. Pool Party, Night Pool Party, Or Overnight Party
4. Videoke Rental
5. Stage Rental (For performances, shows, or buffets)
6. Tent Rental
7. Room Rental
8. Catering Service
9. Massage Service
10. Wifi Network

Reservation Fee – The reservation fee of 50% must be paid upon signing the contract and guarantees the reservation. It will be deducted from the total amount of the rental.


Telephone: 02-9518085, 02-6647546, 02-3313354
Fax: 02-9518085
Postal address: 23 Pines St. Tierra Evelina, Quezon City
Email: poolparty@fss-resort.com
Cellular: 0922-8202474
Website: www.poolparty.intissimo.de

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