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Esquivel’s Garden and Resort – San Pedro, Laguna

Housed in approximately 2000 square meters of lot, Esquivel’s Garden and Resort is a private pool located minutes away from the San Pedro municipality. It is a beautiful place to hold special occasions like wedding reception, birthdays, baptismal, debut, workshop, team building, and other activities for families and friends.

It is spacious enough to accommodate more than 100 guests.


The resort has a big pool for the adults and a small one for the kids. Esquivel has four air-conditioned rooms with two beds each, a television, and their own bathrooms. Aside from that, they also have small pavilion for guests to dine.

Parking area can hold at least 1 to 15 vehicles.


As of December, 2011, daytime and overnight package rates are Php 7,000 and Php 9,000 respectively. Cost per room is Php 1,500 for day time and nigh time stay.


Address: Block 5 Lot 1,2,3 Berlin St., Villa Olympia Ph-1A, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines.
Telephone: 8684977; 8363139
Email: esquivelresort@yahoo.com.ph

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