Cristina Villas Mountain Resort & Hotel – Antipolo City

Nestled on top of the cool peaks of Antipolo City, Cristina Villas Resort and Hotel is a Mediterranean inspired resort and hotel. It’s a one of a kind place that is only an hour away from Metro Manila.

Cristina Villas Resort and Hotel boasts well-landscaped grounds, beautiful architecture and spacious function areas. The place also has delectable food and cocktails, and most especially its warm and courteous staff.

Resort Facilities:
1. Three (3) Big Lovely Pools (2 ft. – 5 ft.)
2. Picnic Tables
3. 35 Casitas
4. 10 Open Villas
5. 10 Open Villas with Loft
6. Multi-purpose court
7. Billiards, Darts, Mahjong, Chess & Boardgames
8. First Class KTV Rooms
9. Cafe Cristina Bar & Resto
10. Barbecue Grills
11. Big Shower Areas

Hotel Facilities:
1. Nine (9) Executive Rooms
2. Forty (40) Standard Rooms
3. Two (2) Dormitory Rooms (40 pax)
4. Three (3) Functions Rooms (Maximum capacity 300 pax)
5. Room Service
6. Catering Service
7. Laundry Service
8. Stand-by Power Generator

Address: Taktak Road, Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Antipolo City
Telephone: 697-4521 to 22
Fax: 697-5188

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