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Cariño Resort – Valenzuela City

A beautiful and clean resort, Cariño Resort is a great place to celebrate.

The resort has two pools. One of them is a 7ft deep pool plus a jacuzzi. Around it are the following amenities:

1. Pavilion
2. Gazebo
3. Umbrella
4. Tables and Chairs
5. Billiards
6. Nipa Hut
7. Videoke
8. Airconditioned rooms

The second pool is 4ft to 5ft deep plus a 3ft kidie pool. The area has:
1. Pavilion
2. Videoke room
3. Marble cottages
4. Airconditioned rooms
5. Grilling area

The resort also accepts reservation for events like wedding, birthday parties, etc.

More photos at greatplace.multiply.com

For reservations and other information–
Address: 11 San Baraquiel St., Punturin, Valenzuela City, Philippines.
Telephone: (632) 445-6336 / (632) 983-9005 / (632) 445-6338

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