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Callospa Resort – Colaique, Antipolo City

Nestled on top of the mountains of Antipolo City, Callospa is a private resort spa which is set in tropical lushness. It has ferns, vines, and misting waterfalls to give that rainforested feel.

It is a sanctuary where you can relieve your stress, relax, and freshen up and rejuvenate your mind.

This seemingly isolated oasis has a simulated rainforest with surrounding tall trees and shrubs–a perfect hideaway for nature lovers.

Wedding Venue

Callospa is the only resort spa that offers 24-hour wedding package with complete:
1. Pre-Nuptial getaways
2. Honeymooners suites
3. Photo/Video
4. Catering

A marry me proposal package and bridal shower package are also available.

Aside from wedding, the resort spa also accepts reservation for other events. They packages for:
1. Reunions
2. Anniversaries
3. Family Bonding
4. Planning Sessions
5. Overnight spa packages
6. Graduation
7. Fashion Show
8. Badminton Tournament
9. Team Building
10. Corporate events
11. Seminars and Conferences
12. Children parties

Other facilities includes-
1. Lemon Grass Scented Steam Room
2. Flower Filled Cold Jacuzzi
3. Herbal Lemon Pandan Hot Jacuzzi
4. Soothing Sauna

For More Information–
Address: Marigman Road. Colaique, Antipolo City, Philippines 6007
Telephone: (+632)650-7889 / (+632)401-4621
Cellphone: (0922)800-7889, (0917)833-4351
Fax Numbers: (+632)650-7889
Website: Visit Here
Email: callospa [at] yahoo.com

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