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Punta Isla Lake Resort – Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

At Punta Isla Lake Resort, you can come and dine in their famous floating restaurant and open cottages. You can also take a tour on the lake and neighboring islands.

If you are into food, this resort offers special dishes of Tilapia. They also serve Filipino dishes, barbeque, breakfast, buffets, diners, and Asian fusion.

Its a place where life blends with nature.

Services & Amenities:
1.Catering Services
2. Birthday
3. Garden Wedding
4. Seminars
5. Restaurant Services
6. Swimming Pool
7. Rooms for Overnight
8. Boating
9. Baptismal
10. Kayaking
11. Conferences
12. Floating Restaurant

For Reservations you can call or contact us at:
Address: Punta Isla Lake Resort, Tokuful, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines.
Email: reservations.puntaisla@gmail.com; reservations.puntaisla@yahoo.com
Tel: (083)826-0962
Telefax: (083)238-8503
Mobile: (Smart) +639194515015; (Globe) +639052895134; (Sun) +639329870601

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