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Sangat Island Dive Resort – Coron, Palawan

Uniquely located, equipped and qualified to offer the very best scuba diving in the Philippines, Sangat Island Dive Resort has countless natural undersea wonders awaiting your exploration.

The resort has postcard-perfect tropical scenery due to its 300 meters stretch of pure white sand, towering limestone cliffs, and coconut palm trees.

Undersea Wonders

For its scuba diving clients, Sangat Island Resort is close to eleven World War II era wrecks. Ten of which are historically significant Japanese War and Supply ships sunk by American force during the “Battle of Coron Bay” in 1944.

Some can by reached by a 5 to 30 minutes boat ride from the resort.

Other Resort Activities

You will never get bored at Sangat Island Dive Resort, it offers a lot of activities such as:
1. Kayaking
2. Jet skiing
3. Island trekking
4. Rock climbing
5. Island hopping

Additional resort activities includes wind-surfing, massage services, and a visit to our relaxing geothermal hot springs.


The resort has 14 unique, native-styled beachfront cottages, and hillside cottages. It also has Bungalow units, Hilltop Chalet, and the most exclusive two-bedroom Lambingan Villa with their own beachfront.

Each accommodation is well ventilated and includes a western styled bathrooms, ceiling fans, and large mosquito-netted windows.

For More Information
Address: Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Website: Visit Here

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