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Bituon Beach Resort – Mobo, Masbate

A privately owned resort, Bituon Beach Resort has breathtaking views of the islands of Ticao, Burias Samar and Bicol. The resort has crystal clear waters and long stretch of white sand.

Aside from swimming, you can do beach volleyball, basketball, jetski, wind surfing, water cycling, horseback riding, and scuba diving.

There is also 4 wheel motorcycle and a golf car for elderly.

The resort offers the following:
1. Eden’s Fine Dining – Menu includes seafoods, pork, vegetable salad, and other Filipino cuisine.
2. Rooms – Includes airconditioned and non-airconditioned rooms.
3. Cottages – Choose from open nipa cottages and open concrete cottages.
4. Bowling Lanes
5. Billiard Table
6. Tennis Court
7. Jetski

Entrance fee to the resort as of November 2013 is:
Adult – Php 50.00
Child – Php 30.00

For More Information:
Address: Bagacay, Mobo, Masbate, Philippines
Mobile: (63918) 346-4987
Telephone: (056) 333-8065 / (056) 333-2242 / (056) 333-2197
Email: divina.salvacion@bituonbeach.com
Website: Visit Here

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