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Gloria’s Fantasyland – Dapitan City

The biggest theme park outside of Metro Manila, Gloria’s Fantasyland is a world class theme park located in Dapitan City. It is comparable to the Luzon’s Enchanted Kingdom and Star City.

The park has a 4 hectares land area with state of the art rides, colorful designs, and entertainment shows all ages will love.

Rides includes:
1. Old Western Train
2. Midi Flume Ride
3. Mini Coaster Ride
4. Flying Balls Wheel Ride
5. Tea Cups Ride / Choco Cups
6. Wonder Light
7. Telecombat Ride
8. Bumper Car Ride
9. Giant Roller Coaster
10. Apollo Ride
11. Swinger Ride
12. Pirate Ship
13. Happy Journey Ride
14. Fight Shark Ride
15. Horror House
16. Go Kart Race Circuit

Another highlight of Gloria’s Fantasyland is the 5D cinema which is one of a kind in the Philippines.

The theme park also has a centerstage which is well equipped with expensive lights and sound. This is ideal for live bands shows, concerts, and more…

It’s the perfect destination for tourists, families, friends who wants to enjoy and have fun!

For inquiries, bookings, and reservations:
Address: Sunset Boulevard, Dawo, Dapitan City. (12 kilometers away from Dipolog Airport)
Telephone: (065) 906-0054 (Dapital Office)
Telefax: (065) 213–6247
Email: fantasylandsadapitan@yahoo.com / bukloddapitan@gmail.com
Website: Click Here

Operating Hours:
> 5pm to 10pm (Monday to Thursday)
> 5pm to 1am (Friday to Sunday)

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