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Palm Grove Hot Springs & Mountain Resort – Asin Hot Spring, Tuba, Benguet

Considered as one of the primary Asin hot spring resorts in Nangalisan, Tuba, Benguet, Palm Grove Hot Springs Resort offers a more modern look compared to other resorts within the area.

The resort is located 16 kilometers away from Baguio City or 25 minutes drive.

They have the kiddie pool, adult pool and the lap pool. Strictly no diving at any pool. Lifeguards are available through out the pool area.


Palm Grove offers air-conditioned rooms to its guests:
1. Deluxe Room – good for 4 pax
2. Twin double Room – good for 4 pax
3. Family Room – good for 8 pax

NOTE: Overnight stay in these rooms includes complimentary breakfast.

For guests who prefer to stay outdoor, the resort also has sheds which could accommodate 10 to 12 pax with access to common grill and wash area.

Function Reservation

Like most resorts, Palm Grove Hot Springs Resort accepts venue reservation for birthday, wedding, debut, and other special occasions. The resort has 1 air-conditioned function hall that can house up to 120 pax.

Other Features

Included in the resorts main features are their traditional indoor and outdoor hot tub spa.

How to get to Hot Spring Resorts in Asin, Tuba, Benguet?

To get there by public transport, look for jeepneys going to Asin Hotsprings near Baguio Public Market (upper palengke).

(Note: Jeepneys with signboard Asin Road do not go there, probably near Km. 6 only.)

Driving directions to Asin Hot Spring Resorts, Tuba, Benguet:

For those with their own cars and vehicles, you just need to find Asin Road all the way to the your target hotspring resorts in Asin

(Tip: you may follow Asin Road jeeps until you see the resort billboards). You will pass by Bencab Museum, at least two steel bridges, kilometers of zigzag roads and two tunnels (that locals call “tatlong araw at dalawang gabi” pertaining to the three days and 2 nights when entering and leaving the access tunnels to the town of Tuba.)

For more information —

Address: Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort, Asin, Nangalisan Tuba, Benguet, Philippines, 2603.
Telephone Number: (074) 446 5758

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