Nature Discovery Camp – Iruhin West, Tagaytay

Enjoy the cool, clean air, and leisure at Nature Discovery Camp. This place is ideal for camping, hiking, biking, and team building.

Guests can rent the following during their stay:
1. Umbrella w/ table
2. Nipa Hut w/ table
3. Pavilion
4. Pyramid Tent w/ tables & chairs

Nature Discovery Camp also has swimming pools for adult and kids.

For Information and Reservation
Address: Nature Discovery Camp, Iruhin West, Tagaytay City, Philippines.
Telephone: (02) 584-2343; (02) 584-2323
Cellphone: 0918-411-6510; 0922-867-4168; 0918-426-7075; 0922-867-4167 

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