Kampo Trexo Treks and Expeditions Outfitters – Alfonso, Cavite

Located in the mountains of Tagaytay and just 2 hours from Metro Manila, Kampo Trexo is one of the few outdoor adventure recreation outfitters in the Philippines providing services such as outdoor recreation, team building, mountain guiding, event management, eco-tourism, and adventure tours.

Kampo Trexo Campsites

Kampo Trexo and Kampo Iwahig both ofers outdoor destinations for camping, teambuilding activities, and other outdoor adventures.

Kahua! Kids Camp

Not only harness the physical and social skills of children but also allows them to learn and experience nature.

For More Information:
Address: Kampo Trexo, Inc., Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines.
Telephone: (+632) 727-9089
Email: kampotrexo@trexophil.com
Website: Visit Here

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