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Build the Listing

If you want a resort/vacation spot to be listed in PinoySpots, please do let us know and we will be happy to add it.

You can use our contact form to give us some information about the resort. Please provide as much information as you could including the following:

> Resort Name
> Complete Mailing Address
> Telephone Numbers
> Cellphone Numbers
> Fax Number (if any)
> Website (if any)
> Email Address
> Amenities
> Accommodations
> Hours of Operation

… and a short paragraph about the resort.

If you have a photo of the resort, please send us a copy as well.

Improve Quality

If you think the information we have for a resort is inaccurate or incomplete, kindly do let us know and we will modify as needed.

The Philippines has thousands of resorts existing today… we can’t list them all in a short period of time. But with your help… WE CAN.