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Yatai Yakitori Ramen: A Hit In Antipolo

We’ve been eager to try this so called Yatai Yakitori Ramen restaurant which suddenly pop up along the Circumferential Road (beside Seven Eleven) in Antipolo, Rizal. Every night since it opened, it is jam-packed with guests who are slurping bowls of ramen along the road with just tents as their roof.

Yatai is actually a food cart that serves ramen and other Japanese type of food at a very affordable price. They open only in the afternoon which is about 4pm and close at 2am.

Yatai’s menu includes 3 types of ramen (Miso, Shoyu & Tantan). Tantan can be made spicy based on the level of spicyness you prefer. Prices of the ramen range from Php 60.00 (regular), Php 100 (super) to Php 130 (overload).

(Tan Tan Ramen (Spicy)

They also have grilled meats like the Butabara (pork) the Yakitori (chicken) which is about Php 50.00 per stick. The meat is cooked right and tender.

 (Butabara (Pork))

Another food we tried is their delicious 4 pcs. Gyoza (dumplings filled with meat & vegetables) which only cost us Php 60.00. There are others in their menu unfortunately we we’re not able to take note of them.

Gyoza (dumplings)

Since Yatai is a food cart, don’t expect any fancy stuff like what you’d normally get when eating in a Japanese restaurant. The cart is placed along the road with a front counter where you can sit (if available) and watch how they cook the ramen. There are also tables setup on the side that can accommodate about 4 people each.

Overall, we give Yatai Yakitori Ramen a thumbs up because of their delicious but very affordable food.

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